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Bienvenue à notre communauté


It is my great pleasure to welcome you to Entre Nous! My goal for this program is to empower you to speak French with confidence in a FUN and supportive community.

Growing up in Iran, I was educated at a Francophone school and then as a young adult, I had the wonderful opportunity to live and study in Paris. Oh, mon DieuQuel bonheur!

Since childhood I have loved the French language and culture. So when my husband and I immigrated to Vancouver with our two young daughters in 1989, teaching high school French Immersion became my passion. I taught for 30 years and I loved it. The pride my students found in becoming bilingual was extraordinary. I retired that part of my career in the summer of 2021.

Entre Nous is my next big adventure. I invited my two daughters and some of my former students to join me, and we became the founding team of Entre Nous.

We offer unique group and private sessions online. C’est merveilleux to hear people progress week after week and to see the joy it brings them to speak French, again. I hope you join us, too!

Au plaisir de vous avoir entre nous!

Mashid Yaraghi

Mashid Yaraghi
Founder, Facilitator

We’re on a mission to create a fun
and empowering community.

Group Sessions

90 minutes, 15 participants max
Open to all age groups and levels

Fee: $150 for 6 sessions

Improve Together

Our group sessions include a diverse set of people – from new grads to retirees, artists to politicians, entrepreneurs to teachers.

It’s like a dinner party with cool strangers!

Group participants have a basic understanding of French, but range in fluency.

Our sessions are centered around group conversations which are led by your facilitator. Topics vary widely from the everyday water-cooler-type, to art, politics, and life’s big questions. You’ll also learn:

  • French slang and expressions
  • Topical vocabulary lists
  • Small bursts of grammar to jog your memory
  • Engaging scenarios to improvise with the group

At Entre Nous you will always feel supported! Group members are encouraged to help each other alongside the facilitator’s guidance.

Because we are not only an online French language program – we are a community. 

Private Sessions

60–90 minutes, 1-on-1
Tailored to participants’ needs

Fee: $60/hour

Progress Quickly

Private sessions are available if you don’t yet have a strong foundation in French, if you learn best in a 1-on-1 tutorial setting, and if you are eager to progress more quickly.

These sessions are tailored to you. Think of it as a bootcamp (but without the push-ups)!

Your instructor will help you to identify your language gaps and work with you to overcome them. By immersing yourself in the language each week, words and expressions will come more easily. When you become more familiar with the intricacies of this beautiful language, you will find the joy in speaking it.

Take these in conjunction with our weekly group sessions to maximize your experience. The more you speak, the better you get.

“Consistency is what transforms average into excellence.” – Anonymous


We are currently running 4 online group sessions:


3 – 4:30pm PST /
6 – 7:30pm EST


11 – 12:30pm PST /
2 – 3:30pm EST

6 – 7:30pm PST /
9 – 10:30pm EST


12 – 1:30pm PST /
3 – 4:30pm EST

4:30 – 6pm PST /
7:30 – 9pm EST


5:30 – 7pm PST /
8:30 – 10pm EST

Group session time slots have room for flexibility. Please inquire if you would like a different start time.

Private sessions can be scheduled individually (Monday – Friday and occasionally Saturday and Sunday).

Why take our program?

Improve Your Vocabulary

Dust off the French you know, and expand your vocabulary. New words and expressions are introduced each week to broaden your conversational skills, allowing you to express yourself with ease.

Get Your Confidence Back

By regaining your confidence, you will find the joy in speaking French again. One of the most valuable takeaways from our program is developing an ease with the language and the courage to use it in everyday situations.

Be Consistent in Your Speaking

To speak a language well, you need to speak it often. At Entre Nous we offer weekly sessions, so you can regularly immerse yourself in a French environment.

Stimulate Your Mind

Keep your brain sharp! Learning new languages is proven to have many positive effects on the brain. Challenge yourself to enhance your concentration, improve your listening, and strengthen your communication skills.

Be Part of a Vibrant Community

It’s easy to learn when you’re having fun! Our sessions are structured around simple but dynamic and vibrant conversations – providing a space where all participants have the opportunity to engage and connect with each other.

Expand Your Opportunities

Being fluent in two or more languages gives you an edge. Spruce up your resume by proudly adding ‘bilingual’ and confidently pursue new opportunities that arise.

What our participants say…

“Mashid’s passion for the language gave me the confidence boost I needed to feel more secure in my ability to communicate in French (I even began to dream in French!). I very quickly felt relaxed in the judgment-free environment. I highly recommend Entre Nous to anyone who would like to reignite their interest in speaking this beautiful language.”
Claire J., Theatre Actor, Niagara Falls, ON
J'ai adoré le format du programme : décontracté et amusant – avec un accent particulier sur ce que nous devions travailler. C'était bien de débloquer tout ce français que j'apprenais depuis des années et que j'avais stocké depuis si longtemps.”
Jillian K., Artistic Director, Ottawa, ON
“What I liked most about the program was how inclusive and fun every class was. My favourite part was the in-class activities. I highly recommend joining this program if you already have a background in French and are interested in building up your confidence or improving your vocabulary. Merci Entre Nous!”
Tina B., Psychology Student, Vancouver, BC
“Mashid is a very warm, welcoming, and well-organized facilitator who also has the skill and experience to let the class unfold organically when a spirited conversation arises. Entre Nous is truly pleasurable and I am a bit braver to speak French now!
Roula S., Poet, Toronto, ON
“I highly recommend Mashid’s sessions if you are interested in speaking French. I have studied French as my second language since I was 7 years old. I knew a lot about grammar and my vocabulary was acceptable, but I was never fluent in the language. I listened to a lot of French Podcasts and would watch movies with French subtitles, but it wasn’t until I attended Mashid’s class that I actually started speaking French!

Her classes are very engaging and entertaining. The subjects in her classes are relatable and everybody gets a chance to speak and practice with each other. You will notice the improvement after a few sessions and can enjoy putting into use all that you learn right away.”
Megan N., Real Estate Agent, San Francisco, USA
“Entre Nous was a valuable and fun course for me. I was able to practice conversational French in a relaxed and supportive environment. As a group, we immersed ourselves in aspects of the culture and colloquial expressions through group discussions, music, and role-play. My conversational ability has improved substantially through this course, and I am looking forward to participating in future courses.”
Randa, M., Entrepreneur, Vancouver, BC
“I definitely found my vocabulary and basic understanding increased during the sessions. Mashid creates fun exercises for practicing and there is no stress or pressure, just support and encouragement.”
Rachel P., Project Coordinator, Bowen Island, BC
“I used to be shy about my French skills and was nervous speaking around others. Entre Nous made practicing French a fun and creative experience. The exercises were collaborative and helped me gain confidence in my speaking and listening. I now find it easier to have conversations in French.”
Zac T., Dancer, Calgary, AB
“Entre Nous taught me that even if my French isn't perfect, the only way to improve is by making mistakes and learning from them. Mashid created a fun, entertaining, and comfortable atmosphere to practice speaking French while we played games and trivia, and talked about our lives and interests. I now feel like I can travel to French-speaking areas in the world and not shy away from speaking in French!”
Karoline, University Student, Vancouver, BC
“Mashid a créé une atmosphère chaleureuse où je me sens très à l'aise. J'ai rejoint le groupe parce que je n'ai pas beaucoup d'occasions de parler en français. Elle nous permet d'avoir des conversations fluides qui peuvent aller sur tout ce qui nous intéresse. Cela a été formidable de rencontrer et de faire connaissance avec de nouvelles personnes à chaque session. J'ai assisté à toutes les sessions jusqu'à présent et je prévois de continuer les sessions dans la nouvelle année.”
Maryem, Chanteuse, Toronto, ON
“Everyone is friendly and the sessions are a lot of fun. I can converse in French with a group of like-minded individuals in a relaxed environment without fear of being embarrassed if I say “le” when I should be saying “la”. Mashid is always present and helpful, providing instruction and guidance whenever someone needs assistance. My French is better today than it was yesterday because of Entre Nous.”
Andy B., Accountant, Financial controller, Barrie, ON
“Je me suis joint au groupe Entre nous comme Francophone – un Francophone avec un gros manque de pratique. Que ça me fait du bien! Tout de suite après trois mois de participation,  j'utilise le français presque chaque jour. Selon moi, dans n'importe quelle langue, la voix de Mashid est encourageante et affirmative.”
Simon B., Actor, Toronto, ON
“Having participated in two sessions of Entre Nous, I can attest to the warmth, friendliness, and encouraging atmosphere of this class. Mashid leads with humour, a deep knowledge and love of French, and the ebullient spirit of a born educator. My confidence in speaking French improved by leaps and bounds.”
Sochi F., Artist, Toronto, ON
“Years after I graduated high school with a bilingual diploma, I was looking for a conversational French class so I could build on my language skills. After one session of Mashid’s program I noticed a big improvement in my French. I have happily signed up for a second session of the program! Thank you.”
Lara, B., Lawyer, Vancouver, BC
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